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Hi, Friends! I've transferred to this page the discussions between "prezidanto x prezidero", pointing the names and the arguments of our friends Uzanto:Fafnir and Uzanto:Lakaoso, and waiting for the comments of our friend Uzanto:Artomo. Here are the messages posted by Fafnir, Lakaoso, and João Xavier, starting with Lakaoso:

Prezidanto[redaktar fonto]

Lakaoso wrote: Kar amiko Joao Xavier, I thank you for your contributions to the Ido Wikipedia. I find very little time to do so myself, but I wish I could contribute more. I want to make one comment about the word "Prezidanto". It refers only to the person preziding right now as shown by the suffix "-anta" to indicate the present participle. In order to refer to someone who was president in the past it is better to use "prezidinto" or "prezidero".

Lakaoso 15:08, 31 di agosto 2008 (UTC)

Fafnir wrote:

.er means amateur. The problem on the other side is to mix those of the past with the actual one in the list and categories. Until this point is discuss and decided you must put back where it was meaning "prezidanto". Cheers. Fafnir 21:27, 8 di septembro 2008 (UTC)

João Xavier wrote (in Fafnir's talk page)

Re:prezidanto x prezidero: Saluto, Fafnir! From now on, my new articles will maintain the word prezidanto.
In my opinion, .ant combined with the past (esis prezid.ant.o) gives me the idea of an action that had continuity in the past (the person was president during a certain period of time, even if this period was only 1 or a few days). But, in fact, I do not have enough knowledge of Ido grammar, in order to affirm and maintain that. Best regards/amikale,Joao Xavier 21:45, 8 di septembro 2008 (UTC)

Fafnir answered João Xavier:

thx for your answer. I suggest you ask Artomo for its input on this matter. Best. Fafnir 02:22, 9 di septembro 2008 (UTC)

Lakaoso wrote:

Yes, my friend, you are correct about the suffix -er being used for amateur activities, but I contend that it can be more broader than that. The following from the Ido-Angla vortaro:
-er- {suf.} (suffix denoting a person occupied in a customary though not professional activity or occupation, or an animal or even thing with a characteristic action. E.g. dans-er-o: dancer; fotograf-er-o: photographer; rept-er-o: reptile; klim-er-o: climber (person or plant))
And the following from Dyer's dictionary:
prezid-ar: (tr., intr.) to preside over; to take the chair, be chairman; -o: presiding; -anto, -ero, -isto: president, chairman; -ant-eso: (function, duration) presidency; chairmanship; -ant-ala: presidential.
So in this case, what does it mean to be an amateur president? However, prezidanto can only refer to the current president, since it is formed from the present participle. You can use Listo di Prezideri or Prezidisti or Prezidinti for past presidents.
Lakaoso 21:12, 9 di septembro 2008 (UTC)

João Xavier comments:

I think that we need to create discussion pages, in other to coordinate our efforts here in Ido Wiki. We are a small team, with few participants, working on a Wikipedia with almost 16,000 pages (which makes it hard to review). But most of these 16,000 are short articles, with few images, and some of these articles have many disseminated mistakes, added when Ido Wiki was younger. Now these mistakes must be corrected or, at least, stop being reproduced. This efforts (to correct past mistakes, to avoid the reproduction of past mistakes, and - something very important - to expand Ido wiki) requires coordination, patience, sometimes knowledge (how to develop a complex template, with commands similar to computer programming) and "technology" (e.g.: creating a bot to find some types of mistake and automatically correcting them - By the way, I have no idea how to create a bot - is it written directly here in Wikipedia, or is it a computer program developed in C++ or Visual Basic, or Delphi, or other? - but we all see that a bot is an useful tool).

Fafnir, Lakaoso, Artomo, what do you think of that? Best regards to you / Amikale, Joao Xavier 07:35, 10 di septembro 2008 (UTC)

about the prezid- question for countries I prefer prezidisti, since it's their main salaried job and there is the problem to mix past and actual ones. A bot and someone able for templates would be very useful but it seems we have to rely on what is done on the English wikipedia mostly or what are the opportunities? Best Fafnir 18:02, 10 di septembro 2008 (UTC)
Me konkordas kun Fafnir ke 'prezidisti' esas plu korekta en ica kazo.
Lakaoso 18:24, 10 di septembro 2008 (UTC)
Me modifikis la kategorio e la nomo di listo: Listo di prezidisti di Zambia. Amikale a vu, Joao Xavier 18:55, 10 di septembro 2008 (UTC)