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Administrative units ...[redaktar fonto]

Hi! There is a three-stage system in Poland. The most important units can be donated by the "Provinco" and "Distrikto". And the third? "Komunumo" as in E-to? ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 15:32, 25 apr. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Hi, ThWiki1910! In Ido exists the word "komono" (see: wikt:komono), that certainly applies to this case. Thanks for your texts! Best regards, Joao Xavier (diskuto) 20:26, 25 apr. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]
Thanks, I should know, but my Ido is on a micro level (for now). Returning to the administrative units, there is the issue of the Slavic Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine - a three-tier system like in Poland). General system Provinco → Distrikto → Komono could be, but ... There is a tendency to use specific names like: Oblast (Krai), Rayon, Selsoviet ... There is an ido-article Oblast Kaliningrad. This direction may be good, but after an idistigo: ​​Oblasto / Krajo / Republiko (3 types of Russia's main units) → Rayono → rural settlement (unit). Another issue is the types of localities that are abundant in Russia, e.g. urban-type settlement, (rural-type) settlement, selo and village (2 types of village), khutor, sloboda, stanica ... It is possible to manage them in Ido? I am asking because I would like to create Russian localities (not only towns/cities). I miss some simple navigation template that could be added at the bottom of the article about the locality. Unfortunately, I can't write it myself. Regards. ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 15:40, 26 apr. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Template:Loko (thanks!)[redaktar fonto]

Hi, ThWiki1910! Thanks for creating the new template {{loko}}. I will just modify it a little: instead of "flago", I'll use "standardo", which is a more adequate translation in Ido for "flag". Thanks for your collaborations! Best regards, Joao Xavier (diskuto) 22:16, 1 may. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Obrigado[redaktar fonto]

Esquecí muito do que conhecia do ido porque agora estou a falar esperanto onde moro e escrevo em interlingue. Então às vezes mixturo as línguas. Obrigado pela correção. --Caro de Segeda (diskuto) 14:06, 3 may. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Slava esto[redaktar fonto]

Saluto Joao! Probably I shouldn't harass you with such a long post, but I don't know where I could do it. A little English, a little Ido ... As you know, I create Polish localities (all of them, I'm not limited to cities/towns). Previously, I dealt almost exclusively with the creation of Russian (mainly rural) localities in several languages. I'd love to do it here as well, but for that i need the basics.

1. Units of the administrative division of Russia (and 4 other post-Soviet countries)
  • Oblast EN, DE, NL, ES, EO - nivelo di provinco
  • Rayon/Raion/(Ulus/Kozhuun) EN, DE, NL, ES, EO, Districts in Russia (EN) - nivelo di distrikto
  • Poseleniye/Selsoviet/Volost/Okrug Municipalities of Russia (EN) (the key is to correctly translate the word "settlement" into the Ido – subdividuri angliane: urban settlement, rural settlement; tipi di loki angliane: urban-type settlements, rural-type settlements) - nivelo di komono

Por decido:

  • idaligo (?) a ex. oblasto, rayono...
  • quale en Polonia: provinco, distrikto, komono
2. Tipi di loki en Rusia

There are many types of Russian localities, and most of them can only be defined historically - nowadays their characteristics have completely faded out, and those that are said to have disappeared still exist.

Urban localities / Rural localities

  • urbo (e urbeto) – certa tipo
  • angliane: urban-type settlement (subtipi: work settlement, suburban (dacha) settlement, resort settlement, shift settlement)
3. Transskribo de rusiana linguo

Me bone konocas transskribo de rusiana a kelka lingui (EN, DE, NL, PL) do yen mea mikra analizo di kelka (ja existanta en iowiki) urbi di Rusia:

io-wiki RU ЕО EN DE NL PL IDO (!/?)
Adigeysk Адигейск Adigejsk Adygeysk Adygeisk Adygejsk Adygejsk !
Agriz Агрыз Agriz Agryz Agrys Agryz Agryz !
Aksai Аксай Aksaj Aksay Aksai Aksaj Aksaj Aksay
Alatyr Алатырь Alatir Alatyr Alatyr Alatyr Ałatyr Alatir
Alexeyevka Алексеевка Aleksejevka Alexeyevka Alexejewka Aleksejevka Aleksiejewka !
Aleysk Алейск Alejsk Aleysk Aleisk Alejsk Alejsk !
Alzamai Алзамай Alzamaj Alzamay Alsamai Alzamaj Ałzamaj Alzamay
Arkangelsk Архангельск Arĥangelsko Arkhangelsk Archangelsk Archangelsk Archangielsk Arhangelsk
Arsenyev Арсеньев Arsenjev Arsenyev Arsenjew Arsenjev Arsienjew !
Baikalsk Байкальск Bajkalsk Baykalsk Baikalsk Bajkalsk Bajkalsk Baykalsk
Balei Балей Balej Baley Balei Balej Balej Baley
Belebey Белебей Balebej Balebey Balebei Balebej Balebej !
Khabarovsk Хабаровск Ĥabarovsko Khabarovsk Chabarowsk Chabarovsk Chabarowsk Habarovsk
Nizhny Novgorod Нижний Новгород Niĵnij Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod Nischni Nowgorod Nizjni Novgorod Niżny Nowogród Nijniy Novgorod
Sliudianka Слюдянка Sludjanka Slyudyanka Sljudjanka Sljoedjanka Sludianka Slyudyanka
Veliki Novgorod Великий Новгород Velikij Novgorod Veliky Novgorod Weliki Nowgorod Veliki Novgorod Nowogród Wielki Velikiy Novgorod
Vyborg Выборг Viborg Vyborg Wyborg Vyborg Wyborg Viborg

Segun me la idala transskribo de la rusiana = la angliana (simpla sorto quale en vikipedia) + kelka korektaji:

• angliana kh (rusiana х) → idala h (Arkangelsk, Khabarovsk) • zh (rusiana ж) → j (Nizhny Novgorod) • y ne funkcionanta kom idala y (rusiana ы) → i (Alatyr, Vyborg, Agriz); postransskriba idala y sen vario (Sliudianka, )

a) Por diskuto: vorti kun idala (postransskriba) dezinenci iy (rusiana ий/ый)

  • -iy sen vario quale EO (-ij), PL
  • -i kun omiso y quale EN (ma i→y), DE, NL, PL (nur en transkribo rusiana familionomi) (idala Veliki Novgorod)

b) Por diskuto: postransskriba diftongi kom ay/ey/oy/uy+konsonanto (sen konsonanto kom dezinenco)

  • -*y(kons.) → -*i(kons.) quale DE (idala Aksai, Alzamai, Baikalsk, Balei)
  • -*y(kons.) → sen vario (idala Adigeysk, Aleysk, Belebey)
4. Bielorusia

This name seems to be from another planet :) There may be differences between the transcription from Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian. It depends on which language the name is transcribed. The Russian е in Cyrillic actually corresponds to the English ye, but it has been assumed (probably because of the appearance) to be transcribed as Latin e (in Polish there is ie: it would be Biełaruś, but because of the polonization it is Białoruś).

In my opinion, it should be "Belarusia", but it all depends on the transcription arrangements in iowiki.

Hope you will find some time to explore this topic "Rusia".

Regards, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 15:20, 15 may. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Translation request[redaktar fonto]


Can you translate and upload the articles simple:National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, simple:National Art Museum of Azerbaijan and simple:Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ido Wikipedia? They should be short.

Yours sincerely, Sarvathi (diskuto) 18:21, 19 may. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Desfortunoze[redaktar fonto]

Hi Joao! Sorry for the E-o nomenclature (mental eclipse). At the moment the template is not working - of course, it does not affect the operation of the "Loko" template. Unfortunately, I don't have a Lua developer friend so I'll try to fix the problem on my own and this may take a while. In the case of a country such as Russia, at least 2 maps are needed, and each time it would be burdensome to calculate the position of the locality. I count on your understanding - I haven't made templates before, and I've heard about Lua that... exists. Regards. ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 13:48, 1 jun. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Ok! Thanks for your efforts, and good luck! Best regards, Joao Xavier (diskuto) 14:05, 1 jun. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Hola Joao Xavier, <br /> Me pregas vu examinas ka ta pekunio ne esas uno ma grupo di nacionala kun sama nomo. Amikale. Fafnir (diskuto) 19:42, 25 jul. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Kazaka linguo e Ido[redaktar fonto]

Hi Joao! As you know, Kazakhstan was part of the USSR as a republic and there are many Russian accretions related to this country and the language of this country. This is mainly related to the use by Kazakhs of one of the Cyrillica varieties - not easy to transcribe. In addition, Russian is the second official language there. However, it should be remembered that the Kazakh language has three types of spelling: the aforementioned Cyrillica, the Arabic alphabet and ... Latin writing. I suggest using only Kazakh Latin spelling (or IDO-form). Of course, in undisputed situations, e.g. the place of birth of a person does not mean anything (e.g. Milla Jovovich is certainly not Ukrainian). Specific examples: present city AlmatyAlmati (Ido) or Almatıkk-wiki (latin-kazaka); present scientist Kanysh Satbayev (undisputed Kazakh in every Wiki) → Qanış Ïmantaýulı Sätbayevkk-wiki (latin-kazaka); present sportisto Alexandr Vinokurov (undisputed Kazakh de rusa majoritato) → [Aleksandr Nïkolayevïç Vïnokwrov]kk-wiki (latin-kazaka). Russian transcription is nice to read, but the most important is consistency in action. Copying English names is, in my opinion, a mistake - latin alphabets should be treated equally (Polish Szczebrzeszynen-wiki e Vietnamese Bà Triệuen-wiki). This is just my opinion and I don't want to impose anything here. I am counting on a response in this matter for your part. Amikale ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 10:22, 1 di agosto. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Linguala helpaji[redaktar fonto]

Saluto, @Joao! Granda danko, ma esez tale bona helpante ne uzar la Polona e (plu grave) indikar mea artikli kun linguala erori – serchado konsumas tro multe di tempo (me ne facas nur 1 artiklo en semano). Amikale, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 14:57, 23 okt. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Nova wiki-vido?[redaktar fonto]

Saluto, @Joao! Un demando: por quo chanjar bona vido (facila e amikala en uzo) a to (stranjajo uzata nur da kelk wikipedii, laste ank eo-wiki)? Ca kopiajo efektigas disipado di placo sur la skreno – artiklo es plu streta, e info-buxo divenas preske duimo di ilua larjeso. Me ne komprenas tua decido komplete. Amikale, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 22:08, 25 okt. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Saluto itere! Stranje ke (de pozeso di me kom ne-IP uzanto) nur io/eo (ube me esis) chanjis sua vidado (en, de, ru, uk – restas ne chanjita), quo signifikas ke sisteme predeterminita pelo en io-wiki es la maxim nova. Debato pri "vector (2022)" sturmas e eble pos korektaji esos plu bone, ma... Sincere me supozis ke tu chanjis la pelo pro... sua habito ek pt-wiki. Maxim grave ke me povas chanjar la pelo kande me volas. Danko. Amikale, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 09:56, 26 okt. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Ka certe?[redaktar fonto]

Saluto, Joao! Vu semblas ne distingar grupi etniala e habitanti di landi. Ukraini - grupo etniala (eo:Ukrainoj!), Ukrainiani – habitantaro di Ukraina. Rusi - ank ne? Rusi – grupo etniala, Rusiani es ne nur Rusi, e ank Checheni, Ingushi etc. Mem en Polonia esas grupi etniala (Poloniana, ne internaciala), exemple Silezi etc. Korektigante vu facas sordideso. Amikale (quale sempre), ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 17:29, 20 nov. 2022 (UTC)[respondez]

Shablono[redaktar fonto]

Saluto Joao Xavier! Me probis adjuntar shablono hike ma ol ne funcionas. --Caro de Segeda (diskuto) 07:39, 13 apr. 2023 (UTC)[respondez]

Asturiana Wikipedio[redaktar fonto]

Saluto! Quale tu standas? Ka tu esas verkante en la Wikipedio en l'Asturiana? --Caro de Segeda (diskuto) 15:47, 25 apr. 2023 (UTC)[respondez]

Shabloni[redaktar fonto]

Ka tu kredas ke ni bezonas la shaboni qui esas kreata da nekonocata uzanto? Me ne savas ka ni uzos li --Caro de Segeda (diskuto) 07:24, 28 apr. 2023 (UTC)[respondez]

MMA-termini[redaktar fonto]

Saluto, Joao! MMA ne signifikas luktado. Jes, kombatanto ne esis bona termino. Eble kombatero esus plu bona – segun semblo originala artisto es stranja. Sed ne luktisto. Lo es neaceptebla eroro. Simpligado havas tamen sua limiti. Amikale, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 14:59, 27 sep. 2023 (UTC)[respondez]

Hi again! I'm posting here in English to make it easier for you to understand. Slavish "imitate" of the English language is, in my opinion, completely meaningless, but since you're into it, then you should do it consistently. The verb "to wrestle" translated into the Ido language as "luktar" is a neutral word, quite general. Unfortunately, the Anglo-Saxons decided that the word "wrestling "would mean a specific sport, which was "followed" in Ido as "luktado". Of course, consistently: "wrestler" means "luktisto/luktero/luktanto". MMA is not a form of wrestling, and the English wikipedia has taken that into account, and you don't want to do that. To understand this sport watch one of the free sports galas on YouTube, then you will notice that many fights have nothing to do with wrestling. MMA fights take place in three ways, which usually mix with each other:

A popular division of MMA fighters is: "strikers" and "grapplers". Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought. English wikipedia says "MMA fighters" not MMA wrestlers! I watch MMA on a regular basis and it hurts me what you make up. Not "kombatanto"? Suggest something that will be some kind of equivalent of the word "fighter" – time to change "MMA-luktisti": Kategorio:MMA-kombatanti. Amikale, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 10:15, 4 okt. 2023 (UTC)[respondez]

Pro quo: parto di...[redaktar fonto]

Saluto Joao! Ank por vu e vua parenti felico e saneso en ica yaro!
Angle por plu bona klareso:
1. In the general sense in every language of the world, both expressions are SYNONYMS - I don't know why you exclude my form.
2. In the original language there is the expression 'parto di vilajo' and it is very LOGICAL because:
  a. The absorbed village retains its name (of course its SIMC identifier too) and functions a bit like a district in cities (on a micro scale, of course)
  b. Every year, many villages that were once absorbed by neighboring ones return to an independent form.
To summarize my arguments: 'apartenas a' kills individuality, and 'parto di' preserves identity.

PS. Do you have any opinion on the topic that I explained to you quite clearly above (MMA-termini)? If you want to push the term MMA-luktisto for a wrestling specialist fighting in MMA, then there should also be terms: MMA-boxisto, MMA-kik-boxisto, MMA-taekwondisto , MMA-sumisto (e.g. Akebono) etc. I hope you understand the nonsense of this strange path?
Amikale, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 15:30, 9 jan. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]

Persekuto ideologiala[redaktar fonto]

Saluto Joao!
Angle itere: A man named Zubryckiy sent me a threatening letter in Ukrainian.
Бачу пан є поляком. Я хочу Вас попередити, що ще раз побачу прояви українофбії у ваших статтях, я звернусь до адмінів, щоб позбавили Вас права займатися розпалюваням міжнаціональної ворожнечі.
Google translator: I see you are a Pole. I want to warn you that once again I will see manifestations of Ukrainophobia in your articles, I will appeal to the administrators to deprive you of the right to incite international enmity.
I have reversed his interference in the articles OUN-B, Stepan Bandera and Ukrainana Rebela Armeo, but I am afraid of further acts of sabotage in these and other articles written by me.
Even though you engage in his provocations and accept the changes he introduces in the past (marto 2023), I am requesting that he be blocked as the iowiki-user.
For historical background: OUN-B and its head Bandera are responsible for the brutal murder of about 100,000 Polish civilians (mainly women, children and the elderly). Ukraine never even apologized for it, and Ukrainian historians consider this crime to be just a neighborly quarrel. Bandera (Hitler's former ally) has monuments in every Ukrainian city, and his fellow criminals have plenty of streets in their honor.
There is nothing in these three articles except simple facts about several years of World War II, facts that cannot be disputed, and the whole matter in the mind of the Bandera supporter Zubryckiy broke out after Bandera's birthday (January 1), which was strongly celebrated in Ukraine, and there was loud outrage in Poland for this reason.
Following media propaganda claiming that since Ukrainians are so poor because of the war, it is best to remain silent about their history is NOT ENCYCLOPEDICAL.
What is included in these few articles is a very brief mention of an event from 80 years ago, with an indication of those responsible. Ukrainophobia? Nonsense.
Amikale, ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 15:33, 11 jan. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]

Revision deletions[redaktar fonto]

Hi Joao Xavier, while checking crosswiki linkspam I noticed you are removing the spam by deleting the page and then restoring all revisions except the spam versions [1][2]. Just out of curiosity: Is there are reason why you are using selective deletion instead of using the revision deletion feature? :) Best regards --Johannnes89 (diskuto) 09:18, 16 jan. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]

Thank you for being a medical contributors![redaktar fonto]

The 2023 Cure Award
In 2023 you were one of the top medical editors in your language. Thank you from Wiki Project Med for helping bring free, complete, accurate, up-to-date health information to the public. We really appreciate you and the vital work you do!

Wiki Project Med Foundation is a thematic organization whose mission is to improve our health content. Consider joining for 2024, there are no associated costs.

Additionally one of our primary efforts revolves around translation of health content. We invite you to try our new workflow if you have not already. Our dashboard automatically collects statistics of your efforts and we are working on tools to automatically improve formating.

Thanks again :-) -- Doc James along with the rest of the team at Wiki Project Med Foundation 22:25, 3 feb. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]

Pro quo?[redaktar fonto]

Saluto Joao!

-1) Me pregas: lektez, ne insistez en kazi quin ne komprenas.

0) Tale desfacile es por tu vartar por mea respondo ? Preferas tu chanjar senlogike? Konsideras tu sua konduto kom l'amikala ? Absurdala maniero!

1) Me komprenar ke ne es bone se cirkum 30 % rezulti di wiki-opciono Pagino hazarde donas skemala artikli pri rurala loki kun imajo di kirko kom nura posibla atrakto. Es co desbona linguo-propagando. Tro ? Me facas quo konocas bone. Samatempe loki es automatale enciklopediala en forsan omna wikipedii, ka ne ?

2) Tua facineso a Angla wikipedio semblas... (pardonez) sklavala. Olim me kreis loki Rusiana en ta wikipedio e havis me granda problemi ibe. Unesme me esis quaza... boto. Kande me pruvis ke co es idiotajo, veninta problemo relatis... nombro di habitanti. Yes, multe di loki en Rusia ne havas lojanti, multe havas ne multe habitanti. Nura wikipediisto (de Germania), qua vidis problemi, pos multa mesaji di disputo specigis sua limitala nombro a esar INHABITATED. Forsan 20, me ne memoras precize. Se tu esforcas irar vers co, me tote ne konsentas. a) En multa landi, ank Polonia, tala loki esas. Angla versioni dil Poloniana kreis... boto en 2008/2009. Se loko havas nur kelka o nula habitanti maxim-multa-kaze tala datumi es... ne montrata en pl-wiki. b) Omna de ca loki olim havis normala nombro di habitanti, havas sua historio e, yes, es enciklopediala. c) Enciklopedialeso en Ido-wikipedio rezultas de sekundareso a originala versiono linguala. Loko existas en pl-wiki, do mankas kauzi ke lo ne povas existar en io-wiki. Co relatas artikli pri loki de omna wikipedii - Angla wikipedio es nula modelo a imitar. Por Ido santa es originala versiono. Forsan tu ultempe komprenis ke nomi di loki segun Angla-modelo quale Kalynivka, Dovzhansk Raion, Luhansk Oblast es idiotajo ne imitanta da altra wiki.

3) Supre tu havas temi MMA-termini e Pro quo: parto di.... E... ankore tu ne korektis la termini, qui tu chanjis (tu promisis konsultar), e pri loki en Polonia tu komprenis... nulo. Por tu modelo es... Angla versioni di loki facita da... boto. a) vilajo desaparinta... es RAR-EG-A kazo, en qua loko stopas existar e ne divenas parto dil altra loko. b) Esar parto di vilajo signifikas ke omna januaro di venonta yari povas portar chanjo dil stando a ankorfoye separata. Co eventas - quante me musar repetar ? c) Ka ex(itere: quo es desbona en ca prefixo ?)loki ne pluse havas habitanti ? Omno vivas. Un loko ne havas o havas nur kelk lojanti e malgre co existas, altra divenas parto di vilajo kom loko sen habitanti, e pos kelk yari divenas itere separata, nam ganis nova habitanti. Pri stando decidas lokala komonala guvernado analizante situeso demografiala e distanco a altra loki. d) Hike esas mea artiklo kun genezo existar en io-wiki termo domaro: Klasifiko di loki en Poloniavilajo ≠ domaro. Por boto (Kotbot qua es nuntempe D E A C T I V A T E D) vilajo e domaro es la sama termi, quale vidar: por tu anke. On signifikas ke segun tu omna exloko es olim vilajo. Do ne: preske nur ante yardeki/yarcenti - nuntempe maxim ofte parto di vilaji adjutinta recente ne es vilaji (do domari). Segun me nura solvo es OLIM LOKO – neutrala por amba tipi di ne-urbala loki.

Me donas a tu argumenti, e me vartas respondar da tu, e ne impozar tua stranja kredi/opinioni. Me sentas ke tu itere traktos me arogante (segun tu amikale ?). Amikale ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 14:18, 12 may. 2024 (UTC) PS. Olima vilajeto ? Kun qua persono vi nkonsultis ca idiotajo ? Kande vi komprenos ke multa domari ne esis vilaji ? ThWiki1910 (diskuto) 14:22, 14 may. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]

Saluto, ThWiki1910,
Nuntempe me esas solvanta privata problemi e nefortunoze me ne havas tempo por analizo di tua questioni pri Wikipedio. Me anke diminutis multe mea agadi, quan tu posible vidis. Standez bone, Joao Xavier (diskuto) 12:50, 21 may. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]

Aurelio Sandoval[redaktar fonto]

Hi. I was looking at the SUL of user Aurelio Sandoval and noticed they were blocked apparently because they posted '''''one''''' article in a language other than Ido (Esperanto). Specala:Kontributaji/Aurelio_Sandoval I think an indefinite block for that reason is excessive. Could you please reformulate it? Bedivere (diskuto) 03:01, 26 may. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]

Removed block. Joao Xavier (diskuto) 11:38, 26 may. 2024 (UTC)[respondez]