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Could you please run your bot on Ido Wikipedia as a starting point (-lang:io -start:!)? I believe there are lots of articles with interwikis that are not linked from other wikis. Thanks! 00:04, 14 di junio 2007 (UTC)

Well, I normally do not run the bot that way, but make lists of pages with bad or missing interwiki links for it to start at. If you want a complete run starting from Ido, it would be better to ask one of operators of automatic running bots.
But you are right that there seems to be missing many links back to Ido articles. I compared io: and de: databases and I found more than 300 missing Ido links in de: (see the list below). I could from time to time handle some of these. Regards, Byrial 09:25, 15 di junio 2007 (UTC)
314 de: pages do not link back to io: