19ma di mayo

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Videz quo ligesas adhike (che utensili). - A pagino di yaro.

La 19ma di mayo esas la 139ma dio di la yaro (140ma en bisextila yari) segun Gregoriala kalendario. Restas 226 dii til la fino di la yaro.

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    Segun on povas lektar en la texto: At 9 am on May 19, 1780, the sky over New England was enveloped in darkness. An 1881 article in Harper’s Magazine stated that, “Birds went to roost, cocks crowed at mid-day as at midnight, and the animals were plainly terrified.” The unnatural gloom is believed to have been caused by smoke from forest fires, possibly coupled with heavy fog. But at the time, some feared the worst. 'People [came] out wringing their hands and howling, the Day of Judgment is come,' recalled a Revolutionary War fifer. ...
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